about us 

Lewis London Properties was founded after careful consideration of the complex realities of the London Property Market. I was first a buyer, and I found every agent saying  plainly:  ”Sorry, I don’t represent you, I represent the seller.” Because that’s the honest truth. Estate agents care about the seller, who pays them commission. The more they get from the buyer, the more they get paid.

So who represents you, as you make probably one of the most important investment decisions of your life? That’s where we come in.  We care only about the buyer. We try to get you the best property for your family. We negotiate the sale at the best price for you which is the lowest, not the highest price! And then we make sure every aspect of the deal is catered to you, to make it simple, clean and understandable including inspection of the home, legal search of the title, even design and renovation if you desire adding value to your investment.

How do we know we have done our job? Simple, that’s when you come back to buy a second, and third, and fourth property, from us years from now. Because you know we are your key ally in a complicated, fast moving but often highly profitable housing market. We will research the neighbourhood, the street, the homes for sale, to tell you how to get the best value for your money. We are paid our fee directly from you the client to search for and acquire the best property.

“Lewis really helped me find and manage my purchase in London. Their trustworthy and I wouldn’t buy without them.”
— Andrey. I. - Buyer